We gave you a recent taste of Islamorada back country charters to the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and an Islamorada reef fishing charter to the shallow patch reef areas for snappers. Let’s take a peek now at an Islamorada back country charter to the Cape Sable area.

This was Cole’s 14th birthday, out on the Ultimate Dream with his mom Penny to celebrate. We had already fished Flamingo, catching 21 snook and a redfish, so we decided to come out west to the Cape Sable where a variety of big target species are available. We had some tarpon baits out and had caught

two sharks when we began seeing some very nice tripletail come drifting by in the current. This beauty that Cole is holding wolfed down a bait and after a brief hard tussle we took this photo. These are delicious eating, with firm, white fillets.